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Protecting your PC and Network from Hackers in the Internet


If your network is connected to the Internet, there is a need to develop reliable security measures to secure network data from prying eyes on the Internet. This can be achieved by implementing a firewall on your private network, with access limited to authorized users with the prescribed rights, privileges and permission. Internet users are prevented from hacking into your local network, hence securing your private data.

A firewall protects private networks from unauthorized users on a public network (Internet). Firewalls utilize two-level security features - the hardware and the software. The hardware is a computer with two Network Interface Cards - one, which interfaces with the public network (Internet), and the other, which connects to the private network (LAN or WAN). The software controls how the firewall operates and protects the network.

Windows NT Proxy Server Software is one of the few firewall applications employed by Agile Computers. A Proxy Server acts on behalf of a network entity (i.e. Client or Server) to completely separate packets from internal and external hosts. For example, if an internal client (from your network) sends a request to an external host on the Internet, the request is first sent to the Proxy Server, where it is examined, broken down and handled by an application. The application then creates a new packet requesting information from the external server using the Network Interface Card connected to the public network. Proxies are good firewalls because the entire packets sent into and out of a network are dissected, and each section can be examined for invalid data at each layer of the network. The Windows based firewall is integrated with Windows NT Domain Security, thereby allowing the Proxy to use Windows NT Domain User Name and Password.

Security option for wireless connection - The Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) option to the 802.11 standard is used to address wireless security concerns. WEP encryption for high-speed LAN or WAN security allows you to build comprehensive security system to ensure that the wireless Internet link does not compromise the security of your network. WEP can be implemented on the 11Mbps access points, PC Cards, ISA Cards and PCI adapters.


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