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LAN - Networking Computers within a Building or Local Vicinity



Our Local Area Network is implemented using the Ethernet standard 802.3 Technology with CSMA/CD Network Media access protocol. Networks within each department or building are often segmented into workgroups. A workgroup is a logical grouping of networked computers by location, function, or duties. The multiple network segments are then connected via a switch to the domain server computers. A switch offers excellent throughout hence a better network speed, devoid of collision.

As required, any Server in the network may double as a gateway to the Internet via a proxy based dedicated link.

A sample of a network designed for one of our clients is shown below. The LAN uses a wired link to connect two segments in the domain.



For small networks of ten computers or so, simple Internet sharing may be implemented using a variety of windows based proxy applications. To secure the network against hackers in the Internet, simple but effective network security is required.



» Design and layout of the network topology.
» Purchase and acquisition of hardware and software components.
» Installation of hardware, cabling, structuring and routing.
» Testing of all linked components and cables.
» Installation and testing of software applications.
» Implementation and testing of security and firewall measures.
» Implementation of network administration tools - rights & permissions.
» Implementation of Internet connectivity and E-mails, as required.
» Implementation of LAN-based data backup features for the network.
» Training of customer personnel to utilize and manage the systems.
» Implementation of work process migration from manual to on-line environment.


» Supply of the required hardware and software.
» Full LAN connectivity with advance Server Networking Technology.
» LAN based shared internet connectivity & E-mails (optional)
» Replacement of manual work process with the computerized work process (optional)
» Advanced Security Features using state-of-the-art Firewall Technology.
» Training of personnel to use and/or manage computers on the LAN.
» Training of personnel in the use and application of computers as work tools.


Standard (for all personnel):
» Computer Appreciation (Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP).
» Office Applications - Microsoft Word, Excel, Access Database & PowerPoint Presentation.
» Internet Explorer & E-mail Management.

Network Administration (for network managers):
» Basic Concept of a Network - LAN/WAN.
» Network Operating System (NOS).
» Data Preservation and Security on the Network.
» Network Management & Activity Logging.
» Allocation of Network Resources Between Workstations on the LAN.
» Dial-up and Remote Access Service.

Training details are available upon request.


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