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Wireless LAN Bridge



Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) is the interconnectivity of Local Area Networks within a city or in proximity to each other. At Agile, we utilize robust Wireless LAN Bridge Technology to bridge the network segments. Our solution is designed to offer high speed interconnectivity between buildings separated by location, road networks, railroads, rough terrain and other "insurmountable" obstacles. It uses microwave radio link to bridge Local Area Networks (LAN) in the buildings or location being interconnected. Often the local network employs wired technology while interconnection to other local networks is achieved via microwave radio.

Our bridging technology supports up to 11Mbps streaming speed and can cover ranges up to 15KM radius without the need for boosters or signal repeaters. Our Wireless LAN Bridge is suitable for networking buildings or location within a city without the aggravation of citywide cabling, wiring or licensing. The technology is controlled via an access point, the Information Management Center (IMC), which can be located anywhere in the city, under the management of authorized personnel.

There is no limit to the number of client computers that can be supported by the platform. The IMC is fully capable of direct management of the client computers at all interconnecting locations. The locations do not have to duplicate network servers, hence streamlining personnel, equipment and maintenance requirements.


» The Network Segments to be linked, and
» The Information Management Center (IMC), which controls the networks.


Network Segments

Network segments are created based on location, function or workgroups. These segments are connected to the larger network via broadband single point microwave radio link. The connection is permanent. The workstations in each network segment may be administered directly from the IMC, although local administration is also possible. All computers connected to the network receive access rights to various resources in the network, such as Internet connectivity.

Information Management Center

The Information Management Center (IMC) is a central command that host the network servers and the Internet servers. It interconnects all network segments or PCs via broadband multi-point microwave radio link. It also links up all connected computers to the Internet via a dedicated broadband ISP. The IMC interconnects various networks within the metropolis. Authorized users can access the network irrespective of time and distance. Once a traveling user logs on through the IMC, almost all computer tasks can be performed from the user's local (office) account.

The IMC serves as an access point to the connected networks and a network-wide Internet proxy as well. The access server connects to the Internet and provides a gateway for simultaneous access by the client computers, which can now connect to the Internet from their various locations. The access point is the hub of the Wireless LAN Bridge, providing numerous other resources such as intranet, extranet, wide area network links, e-mails, bulletin boards, remote dialup options, etc.

The IMC is supported by two servers - the Primary Domain Controller (PDC) and the Backup Domain Controller (BDC) - both of which are also used for logon and network management functions, file and resource server functions, and internet proxy functions.


Some of the functions supported by this technology include:
» High broadband access to the internet irrespective of location
» Access to shared resources irrespective of location
» Share and move documents across network segments and computers
» Intercom (voice communication) using VOIP technology
» Send and receive internal and external e-mails
» Chat rooms, forums, bulletin boards, on-line classrooms, etc.
» Internal web sites for departments and units within your organization.
» Teleconferencing - audio and video


Freedom of mobility - The freedom to access real-time information anywhere, anytime within a city or its environs or in a multi-building complex without wires.

High speed data rates that equal wired networks - Information can be accessed at 11Mbps, a data rate crucial to modern business transactions.

Interoperability - Compliant equipment from various vendors or brands can be used within the network.

Ease of Installation - Installing a WLAN Bridge is fast and easy, and eliminates the expensive and cumbersome process of cross city cabling and conduits.

Flexibility and Scalability - Wireless LANs can be configured to meet the needs of a specific application, from enterprise environment, to small business or even home application.

Lower Cost - In the long run, Wireless LANs costs less to own and operate. No more costly cable repairs. Less is spent when offices are reconfigured or usage grows.

WEP encryption for high-speed LAN security - Wireless LAN allows you to build comprehensive security system to ensure that the wireless link does not compromise your network. Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) can be implemented to the 11Mbps access point, PC cards, ISA cards and PCI adapters.


» Supply of all hardware and software required for implementation.
» Complete wired networks in all buildings slated for interconnectivity.
» Wireless link of the network segments with the access point located at the IMC.
» Complete Intra/Extra-networking with advance Wireless LAN technology.
» Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) security features and advanced NT firewall technology.
» Citywide LAN integrated Internet connectivity option.
» Intranet (internal) private E-mail accounts for network users.
» Training of personnel to use and manage computers on the network.
» Training of personnel to administer the Wireless LAN.
» Remote dialup (PPPA Slip) connection (Requires a Router).


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