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Agile integrated Intranet/Extranet solution is a unique high-end technology, which combines telecommunications and networking protocols to deliver instant and controlled access to information via telephone lines or satellite transmission. The solution is versatile and flexible, allowing for boundless possibilities and expansion! The technology provides a platform to share information amongst linked computers, with the ability to transport audio, video and data streams.


Agile Dial-Up Intranet



Agile VSAT Intranet



Intranet is essentially a local network with telecommunications and Internet protocols. Extranet is a wide area network variation of the same technology. By implementing this technology, we provide the client with its own "private Internet", which can be used in exactly the same way the public Internet platform operates. Authorized users can do everything they can do in the Internet within the privacy of the Intranet/Extranet platform. For example, private E-mails can be sent or received amongst users, without the risk of exposing critical information meant for internal consumption. Even better, intranet websites and bulletin boards can be developed for various units and departments of the client. The sites are completely internal and may be used to publish information of interest organization-wide, which may be browsed, printed or downloaded by the users. There is so much information that can be communicated in the intranet platform for controlled consumption based on restricted access.



Our Intranet/Extranet technology is not limited by distance or geography. It is a cost effective way of disseminating information within a geographically dispersed organizational framework or polity. The implementation of our Intranet/Extranet protocol eliminates manual transport of information, which often is cumbersome, unreliable, costly, messy and inefficient. This technology eliminates the need to fax documents, make numerous telephone calls, post mails, and minimize travels associated with information gathering.

The technology is centered on a highly integrated network engine powered by a combination of ultra-reliable servers - web servers, file servers, and E-mail servers. The Intranet engine is equipped with high-end communication technology that is accessible by authorized local and remote computers. Once a logon session is established, users can access important resources, share and move files from one computer to the other irrespective of distance, etc. Access to sensitive files or documents may be restricted according to assigned rights, privileges and permissions. Agile Intranet/Extranet platform truly puts critical information a click away, literally, at your fingertip!


» Access to databases
» Electronic distribution and sharing of documents and resources
» Forum of discussion and newsgroups
» Provision of on-line training and collaboration
» Distribution and upgrade of Applications and Software
» Remote site administration
» Employee service platform
» Shared work processes


A user can access the network to undertake the following transactions:
» Browse the web sites for published information
» Upload and/or download notices, forms and documents
» Fill and submit forms and documents on line
» Access the Internet
» Send and receive private E-mails
» Access and utilize a centralized library


Immediate benefits of our system includes:
» Instant and simultaneous access to information by all users.
» Share and move documents across network segments and computers.
» Intranet websites for Offices, Departments and Units.
» Send and receive e-mails on the Intranet Internet.
» Flexibility to grow subscribers as the need arise.
» Eliminates travels associated with information gathering.
» Eliminates security risks related to manual handling of sensitive and critical information.
» Eliminates loss of documents associated with manual transit.
» Guarantees that information is delivered on and as scheduled.
» Design flexibility guarantees low overall cost.
» Low operating cost and overhead.

Downstream benefits include:
» High broadband access to the Internet irrespective of location.
» Access to shared resources irrespective of location.
» Intercom (voice communication) using VOIP technology.
» Chat rooms, forums, bulletin boards, on-line classrooms, etc.
» Teleconferencing.


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