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Harvest Medical Grade Oxygen Directly from Air

No Raw Materials | No Chemical Reactions

ATL turnkey equipment captures oxygen naturally occurring in the air. Purifies and compresses the oxygen for use in:

» Hospitals
» Fish Farming
» Livestock Farming
» Ozone Treatment
» Welding
» Metal Cutting
» Fabricators (e.g. metal furniture)
» Auto Repairs
» Construction
» Jewelry (Gold Smiths)
» Lead Battery Manufacturing
» Glass Manufacturing
» Waste Water Treatment
» Portable Water Systems, etc.

» No Harmful Effects
» No Raw Materials
» No Chemical Reactions
» Environmentally Clean
» Extremely Low Maintenance
» Medical, Trade & Industrial Oxygen
» Over 15 Years Life Span

To Harness the Oxygen Naturally Occurring in Air with a More Efficient and Reliable PSA Oxygen Generation System; PSA, acronym for Pressure Swing Adsorption, is a process of physically separating Nitrogen from air at room temperatures, without any chemical reactions.

Technology Partners Operating in many countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East.

Since 2000, we have deployed a System of Telemetric Process Control Technology which has Improved the Energy Efficiency & Overall Reliability of the PSA Oxygen Generators.

Our Full Line of Equipment is Designed & Built to Provide a Life-Time of Trouble-Free Service. We Warranty our Oxygen Generators for 15 Years; Accessories for One Year.

In addition to our standard stationary plants on wheeled platforms, we have an innovative Containerized Mobile Oxygen Generating Plant that can be employed to quickly move and produce cylinder oxygen temporarily in remote areas, disaster areas and combat zones. The Mobile/Containerized Plants are installed in aerated 20/40 feet containers, completely equipped and ready to be trucked, shipped or freighted to any location of need. They are ready-made mobile oxygen refill stores.


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