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When It Comes to Crude Oil Sales in Nigeria!
Relax and Let Us Drive!!






At Agile, we provide products and services to meet the specific needs of our diverse customers. We are driven to increase our customer's bottom line. In simple terms, we create the environment to make you more productive!

In an industry with so much stress and delays
We bring comfort and speed!


AS your preferred Seller of Crude Oil of Nigerian Origin, Agile Petroleum & Gas limited brings an extensive and proven wealth of knowledge and experience to assist your organization in the ever so stressful environment of delays and bottlenecks that constantly beset the industry.

We provide simple and non-ambiguous business terms and procedures. You can expect to trade reliably on the procedures as agreed.

We will constantly review the goals and direction of your organization so that we can advice and implement business initiatives necessary to meet your changing needs.

Because we fully appreciate the uniqueness of your organization, we will recommend and implement customized sales and purchase solutions most suited to you.

Our highly skilled staff will constantly interface with your personnel to monitor your needs, so that we can recommend and implement changes necessary to maximize your productivity and profitability.


Serving Nigeria and West Africa!

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