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In today's modern corporate or governmental environment, efficient processing, storage and dissemination of information are vital and core to a timely dispensation of service. Our agile computer network products are designed to deliver state-of-the-art ICT platforms and support key technology drivers such as corporate-wide Internet and e-mail, enterprise systems, distributed software and resource database, etc.

Our network systems and platforms are designed to provide timely and reliable resource management and information dissemination to leap frog productivity while providing monitoring and evaluation capabilities.

Agile network solutions are broken into four distinct components:
» Provision of material resources and equipment, such as hardware and software.
» Design and implementation of the network platform.
» Provision of intellectual resources, such as training in office and network management tools.
» Program to migrate your work process from the manual system to a computerized replacement.


» Seamless Integration of Hardware and Software.
» Local, Metropolitan & Wide Area Networks, Wireless Network Bridge - Microwave Radio/VSAT.
» Intranet & Extranet Ready.
» Supports Broadband Wireless Internet - Microwave Radio or VSAT.
» Seamless Merger of Local Mail Exchange and Intranet Mail Exchange.
» Supports Hosting of Intranet Websites or Bulletin Boards for various Units in the Organization.
» Supports the Development & Deployment of Distributed Resource Management Software Applications.
» Provides a Platform for Implementing Electronic Imaging & Archiving of Documents.
» Provides a Platform for the Migration of Manual Work Process to On-line Alternative.
» Supports the Implementation of On-line Training Programs.
» Supports Internal Telecommunications, Tele-conferencing and Video-conferencing.


» Provides the platform for instant and simultaneous access to information by all users.
» Shared peripheral devices, such as printers, scanners, etc.
» Shared on-line libraries, such as books, journals, bulletin boards, notices, inventories, etc.
» Shared on-line applications, such as forms, tables, work process tools, documentation, etc.
» Shared internet utility.
» Delivery of information according to schedule.

Additional (downstream) benefits include:

» Scalability and upward compatibility, which allows your work environment and work process to grow according to need and technology changes.

» Extranet compatibility, which allows for controlled remote access via dial-up or wireless technology. No need to stay out of touch with daily work routines because you are not physically in the office.

» Eliminates travels associated with information gathering, hence the risk associated with such travels.

» Eliminates security risks related to manual handling of sensitive and critical information, including potential loss of documents.

» Upload and/or download notices, forms and documents.

» Fill and submit forms and documents on line.

» Send and receive private E-mails within your Network.


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