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Computerization to Implement Electronic Work Process for your Organization


Because Agile Computers have been delivering IT solutions for many years, we have come to recognize the paradox of computerization. This is a common thread amongst new comers to the digital world, and non-seasoned users. We are talking about the great divide between the desire to own a piece of hardware and the subsequent inability to fully employ its capability. Often organizations purchase computer hardware without the pre-requisite plan to implement a computerized work process. As a result, the expensive merchandise is left to rot while the work environment is not enhanced.

Our computerization solutions are designed to force the issue. The complete package does not simply provide the physical resources, but the intellectual resources, as well, to migrate from a manual based work process to an on-line replacement.

Agile Computerization Solutions are broken into three elements:

1. Provision of physical resources, such as the required hardware.

2. Provision of intellectual resources, such as training in key office management and administrative tools: Microsoft Office Applications, Corel Office Applications, Lotus Office Applications, etc.

3. Pragmatic program to migrate your organization's work process from the current manual system to a computerized replacement. This is achieved by working closely with your staff in a scheduled way to transfer all hardcopy based office transactions to equivalent electronic replacements. The necessary forms, tables, documentations, and distribution structure are developed on-line and implemented in phases to avoid significant work place dislocation. Once an acceptable degree of proficiency is attained for a given work process, use of the associated manual process is phased out. This service is offered on a renewable consulting basis.


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