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    Electronic Registry Systems  


e-Registry of Birth, Death, Marriage & Divorce Records



Agile's Vital Records System is the application of our customizable databank, Data Pro®, which is  designed to store critical information for instant retrieval.


Our Vital Records e-Registry system consists of the following three modules:

» MDR Module - Marriage & Divorce Registry to cross list marital records on a global platform for instant verifications.

» BRS Module - Birth Registry System to cross list birth records on a global platform for instant verifications.

» DRS Module - Death Registry System to cross list death records on a global platform for  instant verifications.

The modules can operate on their own or integrated as desired. The system can be hosted on the Internet, Intranet, Local or Enterprise-wide Networks.


» Marriage Validation Search - A vital requirement for the approval of new marriages.
» Foreign Travel Visa Applicants – By foreign embassies for marital and life records.
» Passport Applicants – By Immigration Services for marital and life records
» Employers – Search for marital and life records.
» Statutory Age Declaration Applicants – Search by the Judiciary marital and life records.
» Other searches by the State Agencies, Security Agencies and the General Public.


» In developing nations like Nigeria, there is complete lack of enabling infrastructure and database to cross list and crosscheck the marital status of couples applying for a new marriage license. Traditionally, such marital records are contained in paperback registers and kept in the storerooms of the local governments where the marriages were licensed. The logistics of verifying such records on a global basis are impractical. As a result intending couples could be licensed to marry, and indeed may contract such marriage, without the detection of a previously contracted marriage still very much in effect. Our Electronic Registry will instantly detect such a fraud.

» The same applies to Birth and Death Records, which are also stored in paperback registries at the various places of births and deaths. It is quite easy for anyone to change his/her date of birth through the age declaration statutes in the Courts without being detected. It is also possible for the dead to go undetected such that ghost workers continue to receive benefits for a very long time. Our Electronic Registry will detect such illegal acts instantly.

» Foreign embassies in Nigeria require visa applicants to provide certified copies of their birth and marriage certificates. This is currently done through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for lack of proper verification process. The Ministry itself does not conduct independent verifications of the documents presented by the visa applicants, simply because, it can’t. There are no infrastructures for such verifications, which make the entire exercise a hollow formality. Foreign Embassies and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would welcome and patronize our Electronic Registry.

» The Immigration Services require that passport applicants provide birth and marriage certificates as well. As already indicated, there are no practical means of verifying the authenticity of the document provided by the applicants in a timely manner. As a result, these documents are accepted on face value. The agency would welcome this initiative.

» Many employers, state agencies, security agencies and other concerns that need and desire verification of birth, marital, and death status of persons of interest to them would welcome our system as well.

Agile's Electronic Vital Record System provides the solution to these problems by computerizing and integrating marital and life registries, accessible on a a variety of global platforms. It allows for the scanning and storage of the relevant certificates, to include previously existing certificates.


» Our Vital Records System can be implemented at multiple local registries simultaneously.

» Mirror and constantly synchronize the local data to the integrated global database.

» Integrate all local data on the Internet, Intranet or any global network platform of choice to enable duplication and sharing of the local databases on a global scale.

» Superb as a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) initiative; the public partners providing the enabling environment to enroll new records and the acquisition of archived data required to produce a viable registry.

» Fee-based search for marriage, divorce, birth or death records.


We continue to seek partnerships to implement our Electronic Vital Records System in Communities, States/Provinces and Countries in Africa.

To partner with Agile in your country or community of interest, please click here «Partnership»


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