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Housing Identification & Management System



Data Pro®-Housing can be used to identify and manage housing units, estates and layouts. It guarantees a platform for effective housing planning, management, inventory, and identification, thereby enhancing productivity and accountability. Data Pro®-Housing is scaleable, rugged and flexible, allowing for limitless expansion and customization.


Data Pro®-Housing consists of seven basic modules:

Housing Identification System (HIS) - Details information about each house - house identifier, housing type, age, location, condition, certification, occupancy, etc.

Housing Monitoring & Management System (HMMS) - Tracks major historical information on housing and occupancy.

Housing Cost System (HCS) - Used to itemize and archive cost of housing construction.

Housing Maintenance System (HMS) - Details information about maintenance of the property, time and type of maintenance or renovation, etc.

Furniture & Equipment Inventory System (FEIS) - Contains inventory of furnishing and other equipment in each housing unit.

Utility Management System (UMS) - Tracks utility usage in volume and cost for each housing unit.

Mortgage Tracking System (MTS) - Contains the history of mortgage payments for the house.


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