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Membership Registration & Management System



MPro® is a Membership Registration and Administration Software Solution. It is a windows based Member management system, with the ability to run across the Web. It is designed for associations, clubs and organizations, large or small.

MPro®-Online integrates with the Web for both end-users and administrators.

MPro® is a modular and highly customizable membership management software application suitable for a variety of applications from small groups, single station computer, low budget to large organization, multiple users over a network with complex requirements.

MPro® can be configured to suit your requirements to achieve a solution to your needs. We offer a range of licensing options from single user to multi-user; less than 1000 member records to unlimited records.




» Configuration and Installation
» User Training and Implementation
» Email, Telephone, Call-Maintenance


» Collection and storage of member data
» Personal and professional details
» Membership classifications
» Relationship of a member to an external organization e.g. employer, sponsor, etc.
» Subscription details – Multiple levels of fees
» Historical view of subscriptions – highlights moneys owing
» Periodical credit card and direct debit facility
» Activity/event setup
» Member enrollments
» Cash receipts & banking reports options
» Unlimited fee type
» Creates invoice, record payments and allows transaction editing
» Tracks member balance
» Exporting a csv details file

Additional features includes:

» User definable fields and labels
» Ability to redesign screens
» Backup / restore
» Full help system
» Extensive reporting facility
» Mail merge - letters, labels, badges
» In-built query tool
» Supports Crystal Reports
» Import/Export function
» Use of Biometric security
» Individual Logon skinning (Look and feel)
» Family/Corporate subscriptions (only one member responsible for the subscription fee)
» Link family/Corporate members together
» Family/Corporate reports and mail merges


» Attendance
» Log member’s attendance (manual or scanned)
» Member photo ID capability
» Displays warnings re expenses outstanding, inactive membership etc.
» Full reporting
» Record incidental expenses (refreshments, materials)
» Record payments
» Full reporting at either transaction or summary level
» Members express interest in multiple Special Interests
» Reports on those expressing interest in combinations of Special Interests
» Track required competencies of Members
» Track evidence of training and allocate Points
» Print Certificates of achievement and Competencies gained
» Conferencing
» Track the sessions and conferences you wish to run
» Track the equipment required


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