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Land Registry & Management


Data Pro®-Land is a Fully Integrated and Comprehensive Real Property Management Solution. It is a user friendly real property registration and management system.

Data Pro®-Land covers all steps from the application to the output of certificates, follow-up of transactions over time, archiving, analysis, management and complete recording of all registration activities. The operation of the system fulfils the high demands in defined workflows through simple and easy to understand interfaces and wizards.

Data Pro®-Land fully integrates with existing system and data standards, localization is is available for local language, cultural or legal requirements. The unique built-in dictionary function allows the user himself to customize the system by quickly entering new values for document, property types etc. for a specific environment.

Data Pro®-Land utilizes existing mapping and cadastral data obtained from government agencies, data resellers and survey offices. Data can be displayed within a powerful tabular database environment. The database can be searched through complex attribute queries.

Data Pro®-Land is based on a client-server architecture using robust industry standard PC environment. It integrates worldwide used database standards and formats, not forcing the user into specific software and vendor dependencies.

It allows user to print customized reports, certified documents with evidence rights and responsibilities connected with real property or plot the results of your searches.


Data Pro®-Land is designed around four core modules which can be customized to meet the client’s needs:

Database Management

» Holds all property related documents, attributes and transactions occurring over time.

» Automatic generation of a title index to all transactions including subdivision and consolidations.

» Creation of an audit trail for every entry and modification

» Tracking and registering of estate ownership and individual mortgages against apartment units within individual building complexes with garage and parking rights.

» Security: Different user and login profiles.

» Built-in customization of legal document types.

» ODBC compliant fully integrated database environment for a multitude of solutions.

Document Management

» Digital capture interface for flexible handling, linking of any property related documents, photographs, stamps or seals with corresponding records.

» Individual or batch mode capture through digital video cameras, cameras and scanning devices.

» Storage, compression and association with corresponding records.

» Embedding in Data Pro®-Land Image Storage System (ISS).

Mapping Module

» Full GIS environment using a series of standard controls.

» Simultaneous display and manipulation of vector and raster data.

» Robust and permanent linkage of tabular and spatial data for query and spatial management.

Reporting module

» Powerful reporting tool set for generation of customized daily, weekly and monthly reports: Quality Assurance and Quality Control reports to track efficiency, users and errors, receipt reports, title summaries and more.

» Data Pro®-Land Enterprise data replication features allows for compilation of reports on all levels from communal to national for clients such as ministries and government agencies, real estate professionals, banks, lawyers or other land administration users.


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