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Types of Solar Power Systems



The small "Stand-Alone" Systems:

» Excellent for providing electricity economically.

» Used primarily for RV power, lighting, cabins, backup and portable power systems.

» The solar panels charge the battery during daylight hours and the battery supplies power to the inverter as required.


"Grid-Tie" Solar Systems:

» Useful for homes/Offices already connected to the public electric grid.

» The advantage of this type of system is the price reduction of utility and power backup.

» Grid-tie system can be installed with battery backup power to keep critical loads operating in the event of a power failure over a long time.


Complete "Stand-Alone" Solar Systems:

» Provides complete independence from fossil fuels electric generators and public electric power.

» Typically employs two inverters, one acting as a backup when the other requires servicing.

» These self-contained systems need a sizable battery storage capacity to provide electricity when solar power is unavailable due to prolonged adverse weather conditions.

» Require at least 20 solar panels to keep the batteries at a safe and proper state of charge.


“Hybrid” Solar Electric & Generator Systems:

» Provides reliable power source, and produces electricity even when the sun is not providing solar power.

» Ability to charge the battery bank and provide electricity when weather conditions are unfavorable for solar power production.

» Reduction of solar panels (PV array) necessary to supply power, which makes this system an economical alternative to a larger "Stand-Alone" system.

» When more power is needed than the solar panels are producing, a gasoline, propane or diesel generator is activated.

» Used for cabins, remote homes and is a common system used to provide power for small medical facilities in developing countries.


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