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Renewable Energy Source

Harvest Electricity Directly from the Sun!

» Solar Cells contain silicon, which capture the sun's energy and convert it to electricity.

» Solar Panel consists of a collection of solar cells to generate DC power.

» Solar Array comprises of one or more solar panels, which convert sunlight into clean solar electricity at a desired DC output or wattage.

» Charge Controller prevents over charging which results in out-gassing of the batteries. It also keeps electrical storage in the batteries from discharging to the solar modules at night.

» Battery Bank stores the solar power generated and discharge the power as needed. It consists of one or more deep-cycle batteries. Depending on the current and voltages for certain applications the batteries are wired in series and/or in parallel.

» Inverter changes the DC solar power into usable 120/240 Volt AC electricity used by equipment, appliances and lighting.

» Loads are the appliances and devices (such as TV's, computers, lights, water pumps etc.) that consume electric power.


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