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At Agile, we build and deploy Resource Management Database and Software for Corporate Entities, Hotels and Libraries. Over the past years, we have developed customizable agile resource management systems, which are quasi-independent, and when integrated form the bedrock of a turnkey modern enterprise management tool.

We implement the complete package; concept-to-deployment using our acclaimed twelve step development and deployment tools:




AGILE Enterprise Software Products!


Business Pro® provides shared electronic platform and database for proper identification, recording and management of Personnel, Finance and Payroll data. It is designed on distributed Microsoft platforms, which allows for remote logon sessions to instantly record, share and manage database resources irrespective of distance. Business Pro® provides access to information at the click of a mouse - literally, at your fingertip! .... » more «



Library Pro® is our commercialized, yet customizable library management tool designed to achieve the following objectives:

» Integrated, reliable and sustainable computerized Library Management System for an effective, efficient and reliable administration and management of your library.

» Database management that will address the existing business requirements of your library, while providing the flexibility required for meeting future needs.

» Internet/Intranet compatibility and on-line interface to popular international library websites.

Library Pro® has eleven basic built-in modules and provides extensive flexibility for additional customization and scalability.... » more «



Hotel Pro® is a comprehensive Hotel Management System from Agile! It is designed for small to large scale Hotels, Motels, Hospitality Franchises and Independents. Hotel Pro® has in-built Hotel Software flexibility and accounting of daily audits and operations. It has high occupancy levels and Guest traffic to create a large number of transactions, postings, pre-authorizations, and Credit Card Settlements. It has fast, accurate, Check-in and Check-out screens to help manage the most demanding Front Desk environment. The software is very easy to use. Training of new users or existing personnel is easy to manage and will not require time consuming training sessions.... » more «



Data Pro® is our customizable databank designed to store critical information for instant retrieval. Various areas of application include:

» Housing Identification & Management
» Land Registry & Management
» Vehicle & Fleet Management
» Equipment Identification & Management
» Materials Inventory & Stock Control

Data Pro® finds application where ever data needs to be CENTRALLY STORED, CENTRALLY MANAGED AND UTILIZED IN A DISTRIBUTED WORK ENVIRONMENT.... » more «


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