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Library Resource Management System



This is the main logon screen for Library Administrators to access the main activity menus of Library ProŽ:
- Check Out
- Check In
- Search Library
- Create Item
- List of Borrowers
- Reports
- Library of Congress Interface


Check-out establishes a link between the borrower and the item checked out.
After Check-out, a report screen shows item id, name, status and due date against the name of the borrower.

Checking in an item clears the link between the borrower and the item that was checked out. However, the history window does retain the borrowing history for referencing.

The screens are clearly marked showing the user what to do, and offer all of the information a person will need during the check-in and check-out process. If a patron tries to check-out or check-in library items, the system will immediately notify the attendant if the person has past due items and how much is owed in past or late fees (i.e. if you choose to charge late fees). The system will then let you create an invoice for these items on-the-spot and accept payment from the patron.

Library ProŽ will accept and track partial payments on invoices. With the Library ProŽ Point of Sale module, you can also maintain a cash drawer. Also, as a weekly or daily procedure, you can run a global routine that will generate past due notices and/or invoices for all patrons having past due items.

An optional bar coding feature allows the user to handle all check-out/check-in by simply scanning the borrower's library card and the item's bar code in the place of manual record entry.


Search by:
- Field
- Full Text
- Topic
- Author
- Accelerated Reader
- Material Type


Item Management tabs are used to manage each of the library items:
- Main Item Information
- Other Item Information
- Custom Fields
- Item History
- Admin Options
- Document Links
- Custom Form


Library ProŽ handles every aspect of Patron/Borrower management including rosters, past due notices, invoices, accelerated reader program tracking, borrower check-out history, and much more.

You can search by Borrower ID, Name or Phone Number.


Library ProŽ offers an extensive range of built-in reports, some of which include:
- All Library Items Report - sorted by the field of your choice.
- All Library Items - sorted by category/subcategory.
- Shelf Report.
- All Borrowed Items Report.
- All Past Due Items Report.
- All Missing Items Report.
- All Borrower Items that were found on the Shelf Report.
- All Missing Items that have reappeared Report.
- Borrowers Roster - sorted by field.
- Past Due Notices.
- All Borrowers with Past Due Items.
- All Borrowers with Past Due Items by Borrower Location.
- Inventory Reconciliation Report.
- Item Check-out Frequency Report.

Although, there is a comprehensive set of reports built-in to Library ProŽ, the system allows users to design their own custom reports and have them added to Library ProŽ built-in menu. While Microsoft Access is not required to run the Library ProŽ, it is needed to design custom reports. If ORACLE, SQL Server, or MySQL database is used with Library ProŽ then Seagate Crystal Reports is required to generate custom reports.


Library ProŽ has a built-it windows-based interface to search and import from the Library of Congress in one step. The entire process is fully integrated within the system. No need to go out to a separate web browser. If the Library of Congress is BUSY (which sometimes happens during peak hours), Library ProŽ will automatically resubmit your search until an answer is obtained. The library computer must be connected to the Internet for this option to work. The library of congress can be manually accessed at  It is an on-line library resource maintained by the US Government.

With the Library of Congress interface you can:
1. Enter a list of ISBN numbers you want to retrieve.
2. Retrieve all of the information about each library item from the Library of Congress.
3. Preview the information within Library ProŽ.
4. Optionally import the information into Library ProŽ database.


Library ProŽ has extensive support for inventory control and reconciliation. It tracks physical location of items, movement of items from one floor area or room to the next, multiple copies of items, and much more. Also, using a laptop computer, Visor Handheld Computer, or portable batch scanner you can take a full physical inventory of the library. All of these devices generate a flat text file containing all of the items on the shelf. Library ProŽ knows how to read that text file, reconcile it against the database, and then generate many different reports showing the status of your inventory, what is missing, what has reappeared, etc.


Library ProŽ POINT OF SALE module is useful if:

- You charge a fee for check-out/rental of items. A video rental store would fall into this category.
- You charge late fees and need to track cash payments against invoices for past-due items.
- You SELL the items in your "library". A bookstore would fall into this category.

The Point of Sale module does the following:

- Manage a cash drawer balance (with daily reconciliation).
- Control opening and closing of the cash drawer.
- Manages check payments.
- Accepts credit card payments.
- Provides on on-screen point-of-sale interface.


Library ProŽ can handle advance RESERVATIONS of Library Items (no extra charge for this feature!). This allows users to request an item in advance, or put a 'hold' on an item so that they will be able to check it out just as soon as it comes back into the library.


A COLLECTION is Library ProŽ unique and effective way to handle library items that are meant to be grouped together. This can include:

- Periodicals.
- Journals.
- Multiple copies of the same library item.
- A single library item broken into many volumes.
- A series of related library items.
. . . and anything else that needs to be grouped together.

When searching the library, the contents of all collections are also searched. In the "search results list", any collection that has items that match the criteria will be displayed. You can then open the collection to see all of the items within it. Items that match the search criteria will have a check mark next to them.


Library ProŽ has the most flexible database support imaginable. Out-of-the-box, it works with:

- Microsoft Access 97 or higher.
- ORACLE 7.0 or higher.
- Microsoft SQL Server or higher.
- MySQL (latest tested version).

Also, it can support just about ANY OTHER SQL-based database that has an ODBC or OLE/DB interface. If your database is not in the list above, you will need to contact us to make special arrangements for support of your database.


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