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Providing Systems & Services to Archive your Backlog Documents Electronically



At Agile, we provide the systems and services required to archive your backlog documents, while mentoring your personnel to properly manage and administer the system. Our imaging system automatically stores your files in non-proprietary and popular formats, such as PDF, TIFF, HTML, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. for easy retrieval and viewing.

Agile Computers integrates hardware, software and skilled personnel to implement the following:

» Turnkey Document Imaging & Management System.
» Networking of data capture seats, localized or dispersed over distant capture centers.
» Electronic archiving of backlog documents.

The main components of our Document Imaging Systems (DIS) are discussed below. Agile uses customizable Document Imaging Software to drive our turnkey system. Our Imaging System is designed for Windows OS.


» Browser-based search so you can easily find documents of interest. This also makes installation easy, since there is no installation needed on PC's that will be used for searching.

» Once you find a document of interest, there are image thumbnails, with an indicator to show which pages contain a search word, so you can go directly to pages containing search words.

» Once you find the page of interest, the search words are highlighted on both scanned images and electronic files, with each search word highlighted in a different color, so you instantly see what you are looking for.

» Automatic indexing of documents that are in HTML, PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or other electronic format, so you do not have to print and then scan these documents. You just provide a list of folders to monitor, to make these documents searchable.

» Optical Character Recognition (OCR), so you can find documents by content, that is, by words or phrases in the documents.

» Scalable workflow to allow documents to flow from one workstation to another for scanning, OCR, and indexing, so you can process 10 documents per day, or 10,000 documents per day.

» User-defined index cards, so you can optionally add index fields to your documents, such as date, source, and customer name.

» Software shows a list of databases, grouped in a hierarchical fashion. You can define a private sub-group of databases that you most often access.

» Automatic coding capability, so a common set of data fields can be automatically added to all documents scanned or virtually scanned, without having a clerk key in the index fields for each document.


» Search all index fields and the actual text of documents with one search statement. For example, enter John Smith and search the author, source, title, and other fields as well as the OCR'ed text of document.

» Field specific search, e.g., find all documents with John Smith anywhere in just the Author field.

» Browser implementation of Boolean search capability (AND, OR, and NOT operators) including range searching of numeric and date fields, makes the power of Boolean logic available even to novices.

» Full-text search with relevancy-ranked retrieval to find documents by content.

» Range searching of date and number fields.

» Word rooting. For example, a search for deduction would also find documents containing deducted, deducts, deducting, etc.


» Specify electronic stamp position.
Specify stamp font, font size and stamp font color.


» Color scanning. The color images are compressed into JPEG and are stored in either TIFF or Acrobat PDF format.

» Black and white scanning. The images are compressed into Group IV, and are stored in TIFF or Acrobat PDF format.

» Automatically separate documents by using barcodes as document delimiters.

» Use barcode as an index field to describe and help retrieve the document.

» Use barcode value to look up data to populate index fields. For example, use barcode value to read invoice data from your invoicing system, so you do not have to redundantly enter this information, if you are scanning invoices.

» Image clean-up processing, including de-skew, speckle removal, and removal of holes from 3-ring binders.

» Optionally discard blank-pages if you are scanning both sides of the paper.

» Scan documents using multiple scanners concurrently.

» Append images to existing documents.

» Virtual scan program can automatically import images every n minutes from a digital copier.

» Virtual Scan can invoke image filters, such as deskew, speckle removal, and discarding of blank pages.

» Virtual Scan can read up to ten barcodes in a hierarchical fashion. For example, you could scan a barcode encoding a client number once, and scan a bunch of different documents for that client, putting in perhaps a document-type barcode for each document, without repeating the client (upper level) barcode.


» Software can be configured for complete hands-off operation, where the only steps required are scanning and searching. In this scenario, you can search the OCR'ed text to find the document. And, if you use barcodes as index values, you can search on the bar-coded index values.

» After scanning, you can delete pages in the Proofing Editor and Quality Control Proofing Editor.

» Browser search lets you easily search your full-text databases from other applications, using XML Web Services.

» Document access audit module. This is a searchable database which lets you see each time a document has been viewed, and by whom. This is important to comply with a growing body of laws and regulations concerning confidentiality of information you have about your clients and customers, including medical records (HIPAA), and financial records. This can also help you monitor access to proprietary company documents and intellectual property.


» SQL Document Imaging Software.
» Document Capture, Management, Storage, Access, Exchange, Distribution & Security.
» Integrated Form Recognition Module.
» Integrated Production Work Flow Module.
» Integrated COLD/ERM Module.
» Web Access Module.
» Support for Windows OS.
» Support for TCP/IP.
» Support for ODBC Compliant Database.
» MS Office Integration.
» Internet Browser Integration.
» Automatic System Installation & Configuration.
» Integration with Legacy Applications via API.
» Ability to Rename & Reorganize Document Pages.
» Full Panning, Rotation & Contrast Support.


Capture Seat are Workstations used for Scanning, OCR or Indexing.
Pentium IV Processor Xeon 2.4GHz
40GB Hard Drive
52X CD Drive
Integrated 10/100 NIC
Keyboard + Mouse + Mouse Pad
USB port
Windows 2000 Pro or Higher
15" Color Monitor


» Compaq/HP ML370G3 Intel Xeon Processor with X2.4GHz, 2MB Cache
» 2 Processor upgradeable to 4 Processor with Battery-Backed Write Cache.
» 2GB RAM.
» 2 x 72.8GB Pluggable Ultra320 15k Universal Hard Drive (1").
» 10/100/1000T UTP (Additional) -extra port for network.
» Hot Plug redundant Power Supply Module.
» Windows NT HBA (Fiber Channel Adapter).
» 17" Monitor.
» Advanced Memory Protection (Online Spare, Single Board Mirrored Memory, Hot Plug Mirrored Mem).
» On line management utility.
» Rapid Deployment racking solution (rack rails and cable management).
» Redundant Cooling Zones for major subsystems (Memory, I/O, CPUs) assure 7 x 24 cooling.
» Windows 2000 Server Operating Environment.


» Automatic Document Feeder.
» Automatic (Dynamic) Skew Correction.
» Extremely user-friendly.
» Simplex and Duplex Scanning.
» Max Supported Media Size.
» Up to 11.7" (A3) x 17" (Ledger Size B) Scanning.
» 400 x 400 dpi.
» Manual Load & Autoload.
» 1.3 sec / page (color).
» 8-bit (256 gray levels) / 24-bit (16.7M colors).
» Fast SCSI Interface.
» Batch Scanning.
» Scan additional pages into existing documents.
» Automatically separate documents or assign index fields with the Bar-code Recognition Plug-in.
» 220VAC, 50/60 Hz


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