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    Digital ID Card and Access Control Systems  





Biometrics falls under the umbrella of what is referred to as Automated Identification and Data Capture (AIDC). Automatic Identification and Data Capture is the term used to describe data collection by means other than manual notation or keyboard input. The optimum significance of automatically captured data includes a more efficiently run organization; improved and more timely decision making; and efficient use of time, people, and materials. The family of Automatic Identification and Data Capture technologies can be broken down into six categories which are: biometrics, electromagnetic, magnetic, optical, smart cards, and touch.

There are a number of discrete biometric technologies on the market today. They can include: fingerprint identification, iris identification, retinal identification, hand geometry, hand, palm, and wrist subcutaneous vein pattern identification, signature identification, voice identification, keystroke dynamics identification, facial feature identification, body salinity (salt) identification, body odor identification, and ear identification.



Fingerprint Terminal provides both attendance records and access control using state-of-the art fingerprint identification technology. It consists of an external fingerprint reader and an internal door controller. It provides a secure, recordable and cost effective door access solution, which eliminates the needs of carrying keys, cards or remembering PINs even for a large number of users. It is simple to use - just place your finger!

Apart from the tight security it offers, no one needs to carry keys anymore and you can never lock yourself out of your home or office. Also if you have guests they can be added to the fingerprint recognition list for the period of their stay and then removed when they have left. The system is totally customizable as well, so specific class of users could be granted access to specific areas of the building only and restricted from other areas. For example, cleaners, gardeners etc can be given access to the front door only, or the garden area only, or whatever the building requires.


» Interfaces into multiple access control and clocking devices.
» True 32-bit Windows SQL version.
» Stand-alone user registration and management by LCD and keyboard.
» Network Ready for Multiple Users.
» Security for Multiple Users through User Name and Password.
» Each Manager/User can Print/View their own dedicated reports.
» Reports can be exported to Excel, CSV, HTML and PDF formats for ‘eMail’.
» All Reports can be produced in Hours/Minutes or Decimals.
» MS Excel look-alike clocking and editing screen.
» Detailed clocking and hour summary reports.
» Absenteeism / Late Arrival and Early Departure exception reports.
» Employee and Machine costing reports are available.
» User definable system codes (Company, Grades, Occupation, Department) Etc.
» Employee Master File has personnel notes and employee photo linking.
» Secure Backup and Restore feature. (Local or Network drives).
» Built-in relay outputs to drive door strike and alarm.
» Input switches for door sensor and exit button.
» Event logging and user management by RS232/485.
» Award winning fingerprint recognition engine (No.1 in FVC2004).
» Industry’s fastest identification speed (1 to 3000 search in 1 second).
» Multiple choice of industry’s leading fingerprint sensors.


» CPU: Dual CPU (32bit RISC + 400MHz DSP).
» Memory: 34MB flash + 34MB RAM.
» Fingerprint identification speed: 3,000 match per second.
» Display: 2.5" QVGA 16M Color LCD.
» Fingerprint capacity: 50,000 fingerprint templates.
» Log capacity: 500,000 events.
» Network interface: Wireless LAN (optional), TCP/IP, RS485.
» PC interface: USB, RS232.
» USB memory slot: USB Host.
» Output relay: Deadbolt, EM lock, door strike, automatic door.
» Wiegand I/O, 4 TTL I/O.
» Microphone and speaker for door phone.
» Navigation key for menu movement.
» 4 Function keys for user-defined functions.
» Operation modes: Fingerprint, PIN, PIN + Fingerprint.
» Size: 135 x 128 x 50mm (W x H x D).


» Office, home, garage, Warehouse.
» Time attendance and access control for offices.
» Integrated payroll and HR management of employees.
» Networked security for IBS buildings, financial institutes.
» Data collection for customer reward management.


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