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    Digital ID Card and Access Control Systems  


Electronic Access & Non-Intrusive Personnel Monitoring Systems



Agile Computers offers a new, innovative and cost-effective electronic locking system with "smart-key" intelligence. The electronic lock is designed to support a vast array of applications from small office buildings to large commercial complexes such as hospitals and schools, to building units of all shapes and sizes.

We offer cost effective access control and security locking needs for sites with a few locks and a few users, as well as sites with tens of thousands of locks and tens of thousands of users. Agile card key systems employ EVERSAFE "smart-lock" devices driven by encoded digital card-keys. The cards are re-programmable and are completely protected from water or the environment. Card encoding is done via a Windows based PC using either a built-in or external EVERSAFE encoder and management software.


The lockset combines sophisticated electronics with durable mechanics to offer a high level of protection against duplication and forced entry. The lockset is self-contained and available as a stand-alone unit or remotely controlled by a computer system. The locksets possess battery powered intelligent readers that provide access control at all times.

Locks may have an LED light plus an audible tone indicating if access is granted. A low battery condition is signaled well in advance. However, if there is insufficient power to open the lock, access is easily obtained using a supplemental battery override unit with a valid key. The lock contains non-volatile memory so no information is lost in the event of a battery failure.


Keying is functionally identical to the standard keying tree used with mechanical locking systems, but with the additional power of electronics. A code which identifies each cardholder is placed on the holder's card-key via a Windows based software program and an encoder. Each time the card is inserted in a lock, the holder's code is recorded by the lock. The last 200 insertions can be retrieved from the lock along with the time and date they took place. Unauthorized cards will be rejected, but their attempted use will be recorded in the lock's memory as well. Data storage life is 100 years. The system includes a feature to download stored data to an administrative PC. No two cards and/or keyways may share the same pattern unless specifically requested.

The system handles different levels of access, such as:

» System Cards: Opens all locks. These are issued for administrative purposes.
Guest Cards: Opens specific locks at scheduled times.
Meeting Cards: Opens specific conference or meeting halls at the appointed time.
Foreman Cards: Opens all locks at specific floors or buildings.
Service Cards: Opens locks at specific rooms, offices or the entire floor.
Maintenance Cards: Opens designated locks at designated times.
Twin Cards: Where two individual cards must be used before the lock will open.
Other Cards: Gives access as programmed.

The user-friendly management software is customized to meet the security requirements, access requirements, and size of all commercial projects. The software is a Windows based computer program and database, which enhances record keeping. The system also includes a utility device, which sets the time in the locks and retrieves logged transactions. The transactions may be viewed remotely or by inserting the utility device into the unit and uploading the data to the computer.


There are two main types of access control - Standalone and Integrated.

Small Standalone Access Control:

» Single door/access control.
2000 card-holder memory capacity.
3.5" (90mm) proximity read range.
Uses proprietary proximity tags or cards.
Available in miniature package.
Has manual and programming cards.

These units may be used for multiple-door control by having the same users enroll at all or some of the stations.

Integrated Access Control:

» Multiple doors/access control.
Available in 2/4 modular versions.
Can control from 1 to hundreds of door.
Panel's memory can have up to 4000 users with expansion capability to 25000 users.
Event buffer recording with capacity of 5000 events.
Panel can work standalone and/or connected to a PC.
PC based control is required for new user enrolment, deleting cards or getting reports from the panel.
Real time monitoring allows instant presentations of usage.
Backup battery for access control panels for 3 hours minimum.
Backup battery for memory contents allows panel to retain all programmed items for more than a month.
63 time zones allow the capacity to assign up to 63 different groups of users to different time slots.
Elevator control features limits access to floors.
Simple expansion by adding 2/4 reader panel on location with appropriate looping.
Support a mix of panels.


» Lock: ES9010 series.
» Computer: 586 or higher processor, 8MB RAM or higher.
» Management Software: EVERSAFE smart card management software.
» Encoder: Model ES7000 built-in; ES7100 external.
» Smart Card Key: SIMENS security card.


» ID/Access card, 2Kb/memory.
» Write time: 1s.
» Read time: 1s.
» Working temperature: -25oC to 70oC.
» ISO 7816-3 compatible.
» Write-Read degree: 100,000 times.
» Data storage life: 100 years.


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