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Turnkey Computer Training Programs for Secondary Schools


COMPULITE IS A BOLD VISION, the first of its kind in Nigeria, geared to completely eradicate computer illiteracy in the nation's children and youth as they transit through secondary institutions. The program establishes an aggressive, turnkey computer skills acquisition platform for our children and youths by capturing their interest when it is most vital and less formidable to do so.

COMPULITE offers 14-course curriculum in the six core areas of office software applications necessary for complete computer awareness and easy adaptability to a modern computerized work environment.


» Computer Appreciation (Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP) - Introduction & Advanced.
» Spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel 2000) - Levels 1, 2 & Advanced.
» Word Processor (Microsoft Word 2000) - Levels 1, 2 & Advanced.
» Database (Microsoft Access 2000) - Levels 1, 2 & Advanced.
» Power Point Presentation (Microsoft Power Point 2000) - Introduction & Advanced.
» Internet Browsing & E-mail Management.


The program is centered on an effective COMPUTER CENTER designed much like a typical COLLEGE LABORATORY. The students pass through the laboratory, in a manner similar to other lab curriculum, such as Physics, Biology, Chemistry, etc., where hands-on participation is encouraged and available. Upon graduation, the students are equipped with modern computer skills, fully prepared to tackle the challenges of higher education or the workplace.


» Classroom Laboratory Space for up to 30 Computer Systems
» Computers are Networked to Share Resources
» Design & Furnishing of Lab Center
» e-Learning Tools and CBT Educational Materials
» Program Administration, Training & Mentoring of Local Staff
» Customized Educational Approach
» Curriculum Designed to Deliver a Minimum of 3 Lab Sessions per Week for Each Classgroup
» Hands-on Utilization of a Computer Workstation by Each Student During the Class
» Unique COMPULITE Technologies, Systems & Equipment


» Computer Hardware Supply, Installation, Networking & Maintenance
» Supply of Peripherals, Accessories and Consumables
» Computer Lab Design and Layout
» Computer Block Renovation - Civil & Electrical
» Lab Furnishing - Design, Construction and Installation
» Educational Materials - Hardcopy and On-line CBTs
» Developing, Implementing, Updating Instruction Curriculum
» Initial Program Administration and Staffing for One Year
» Training and Mentoring of Local Instructors

The result is an effective turn-key product backed by highly skilled staff and professionals. You can now begin the process to a comprehensive computer education program in your secondary schools.

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Fundamentals - SSS1 (Year 1)
Mid Level - SSS2 (Year 2)
Advanced - SSS3 (Year 3)

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