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The module consists of six integrated sub modules to effectively track personnel records:

Personnel Biographic Data System (PBDS) - Contains detailed information about each employee, the employee's permanent address, home address, next of kin, referees, and other personal information of relevance.

Personnel Training Record System (PTRS) - Contains the academic and professional training record of the employee. It is updated every time an employee undertakes a professional development program, such as a course work, seminar, workshop, etc. The database will update education and professional qualifications of the employee.

Career Database System (CDS) - Records career-related information such as promotions, demotions, length of service, etc. This will aid in determining the status and rank of each employee.

Disciplinary Database Systems (DDS) - Documents information about every employee that has, at one time or the other, been served any disciplinary action or punishment. It will document the reason(s) for the action, the type of punishment, the duration of the punishment etc. This will assist in tracking the behavior of employees who operate outside the rules. The system could recommend disciplinary action when an employee exhibits a persisting trait in violating workplace rules and regulations.

Award Database system (ADS) - Handles information about employees who excel in service and earned recommendations, awards, double promotions, etc.

Leave and Disengagement Database System (LDDS) - Contains record of employees on leave, employees who have resigned, dismissed, retired, deceased, etc. This record will help in providing information on how many employees are in active service, on leave or disengaged from service, by just a click of the mouse.


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