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Data loss can occur for a variety of reasons. Some times it can be due to mechanical failure of the storage media. Other times, it can be a matter of human error in deleting important data. Whatever the cause, lost data presents a grave danger to the continuing viability and profitability of your organization. Once data is lost, retrieval is usually very expensive, and not at all guaranteed to succeed. THE BEST SOLUTION IS PREEMPTIVE. KEEP YOUR BACK-UP PROGRAM ALIVE AND WELL; CONTACT AGILE!

At Agile, We can undertake a study of your current backup system to determine the extent of a risk free backup. If necessary, we will help you develop a more reliable and cost effective modern alternative. Our well-trained staff will assist you in making sure that your vital data is preserved. In the event of an actual loss of data, you can rely on Agile to help retrieve information that is recoverable.

Data Recovery Software

As part of a Global Data Recovery Network affiliate, we have access to professional data recovery software. It works on PCs with DOS and Windows operating systems with FAT-16 or FAT-32 file systems. With its effective data recovery techniques, the software offers exceptional capabilities when recovering files from corrupt or damaged disk media caused by a disk crash, a logical system failure, or even intentional or accidental data loss. As long as the disk is spinning, we will be able to locate any file, anywhere on the disk.

Enhanced User Interface

The user interface helps to access the program's many features and move through the data recovery process efficiently.

Data Recovery Tools

Quick Check - A physical and logical diagnostic tool, Quick Check evaluates and reports on the health of the disk media, playing an important role in the overall data recovery process. It focuses on only those elements critical to the data recovery, eliminating unnecessary, time-wasting processes. Additionally, it examines the critical sectors on the disk, checking for missing information or corrupted values. This feature locates all files anywhere on your disk, as long as the files have not been overwritten. It then strings them together using critical sector information. If all critical sectors are unusable, the software's Power Recovery tools are at our service.

Cluster Navigator and Disk Explorer - When severe media corruption or damage renders data inaccessible, Cluster Navigator and Disk Explorer spring into action, locating data anywhere on the disk and linking data together to recreate the file.

Configure - Isolates read errors on the disk and concentrates on data that's been identified as accessible. A built-in drive manager swings into action automatically, if your Ontrack or Microhouse drive manager becomes corrupted. This automatic, easy to use feature completes the data recovery process and offers exceptional flexibility when moving data off the damaged or corrupted disk media. Functioning like an automatic backup system, it can use any mapped disk device, including fixed, removable, floppy, or network drive. It also lets us choose from maintain directories, flat files, compressed, or uncompressed files. The feature recognizes and preserves long Windows OS/NT filenames when restoring directories or files. No intervention or renaming is needed.


Data recovery is possible on all IDE, EIDE, and SCSI disk devices, including fixed, removable, floppy, and optical with Logical Block Address (LBA) or Cylinder Head Sector (CHS) drive access. This professional software tool assumes the worst when assessing the condition of the disk media. Its quick diagnostics and in-depth analysis check the validity of the disk environment and evaluate every sector on that disk. Additionally, a built-in analysis tool looks deep into the disk, helping us gain a precise and complete understanding of what the problem is and where it exists. From there, we can decide the best strategy for achieving a successful data recovery, the exact results our customers need to resolve their data crisis.

Should physical damage exist, such as a head crash, the exceptional error handling capabilities will work hard to read the sector if any recognizable data exists.

High Points

» Can recover files or data under the most difficult circumstances.

» Offers exceptional data error handling.

» Can recover files from disks that have suffered head crashes or other damage -as long as the disks are still spinning and accessible through its controller.

» Recovers lost or damaged data even if the critical sectors, such as the boot sector, the root directory, or the FAT(s), are corruptor missing.

» Recovers files after reformatting, provided they are not overwritten.

» Recovers data from both FAT-16 and FAT-32 partitions.

» Allows you to save data to a network drive.

» Works with all possible IDE, EIDE, and SCSI disk drive configurations on your PC.

Our Data Recovery Software works when the media:

» Is corrupted or damaged.
» Is adversely affected by a virus.
» Is accidentally or intentionally reformatted or files are deleted.
» Has a corrupted master partition sector (MBR - Master Boot Record).
» Has a corrupted boot sector.
» Has a damaged FAT table.
» Is missing either primary, secondary, or both FAT tables.
» Has a damaged or missing root directory.
» Has damaged sectors and is undergoing missing sector errors or read errors.
» Has one partition that accidentally has been defined incorrectly, and access to the files or data in other partitions has been lost.


As with all applications, the software has its limitations and will not provide recovery capabilities under some conditions. It can not recover files if:

» There is a hardware failure and the disk is not spinning.
» The data is overwritten on the damaged disk drive.
» Disk compression software (such as Double Space, Drive Space, or Stacker) is used.


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