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Complete Night and Day Color Bullet Video Monitoring System
Indoor/Outdoor Monitoring with 40 Days Recorder


Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) System is an integrated remote monitoring system used for perimeter or room surveillance. It is made up as follows:

» Remote Monitoring or Surveillance Cameras
» Quad Processor
» Time Lapse Recorder
» CCTV Monitor
» Accessories: Cables, Power Supply Modules, Mounting Brackets, etc.

We integrate these components to provide turnkey CCTV system with all you need to set up a complete multiple point video surveillance system. You will be able to view all cameras at the same time or within nanoseconds of each group of cameras, and also record them for up to 40 Days in a single tape.




» AVC High Quality Submersible Color Bullet Cameras
» Everfocus Color Dual Page Quad Processor with Power Supply
» Samsung 40 Day Time Lapse Recorder
» Videology Color 14" Monitor
» 12 Volt DC Power Supplies for CCTV cameras
» Ceiling or Wall Mounting Brackets
» BNC to BNC Video Cables
» Complete Outdoor Perimeter Video Monitoring
» Complete Indoor Video Monitoring
» Installation & Engineering
» 3 Weeks Delivery Time


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