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    Forensics & Biometric Identification Systems  


AFIS – Automated Fingerprint Identification System



Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) is a system used to automatically match one or more unknown fingerprints against a database of known and unknown prints.

Also used to match face prints, AFIS is often used as an information conduit between the police criminal records and police investigators on the one hand and police criminal records and the public on the other hand.

AFIS stores and retrieves fingerprint information electronically. It is global, interconnected and instant.




AFIS is primarily used by Law Enforcement and Government Agencies to:

» Identify a person suspected of having committed a crime.
» Link a suspect to other unsolved crimes.
» Conduct employment background checks - Private Security Firms.
» Conduct Security checks for highly sensitive positions.
» Travel Visa – Police Clearance Certificates.
» Prevent multiple enrollments or fraud in civil applications, such as electoral, welfare, vehicle license, driver’s license, gun license, etc.




» Computer Hardware – Servers & Client PCs.
» Networking – LAN & WAN
» Network Management Software
» Database Management Software
» High Resolution Scanners – Livescans/Cardscans/Latent Prints
» Database Modules
» AFIS Software – Enrolment & Verification
» Criminal Attribute Database (CADB) Software
» Communication Infrastructure







» Search Made Easy - 10 Print Input, Latent Print Input, Combined 10 Print and Latent Print search.

» Configurability -The system can be configured for varying capacities, workloads, performance parameters and geographical distribution.

» Ease of Scalability - Start from a small system and grow to a large configuration as workload and database requirements grow.

» Open Standards - Integrated over commercial hardware and software.

» Standards Conformance - Communication conforms to NIST standards for AFIS connectivity. Supports WSQ image compression standards laid down by FBI.

» Time-Tested - Uses the time-tested Unified Matching Algorithm (UMA) that offers high levels of accuracy in matching partial, poor quality Scene-of-Crime Prints.




» The process begins with electronic capture of all 10 fingerprints using scanners interfaced with AFIS workstations.

» Identity data is then associated with the fingerprints.

» A check is conducted in two phases.

» Phase 1 matches the fingerprint and identifies the person’s reference number (AFIS).

» Phase two links the reference number to the criminal data associated to the person (CADB).

» The AFIS system returns a “hit” or “no-hit” result.

» For hit results, AFIS returns an illicit activity report.

» If more information is requested, a hardcopy report is printed.



Built on Relational Database Management System (RDMS)

» Names and Aliases
» Known Address and Domiciliation
» Date of Birth
» Gender
» Nationality and Place of Origin
» Names and Addresses of Known Relatives
» Identification Marks
» Modus Operandi
» Crime Details
» Conviction Details
» Photographs, Signatures, etc.




» Performs reliable identification with large databases
» High productivity and efficiency corresponding to its size
» Scalable to accommodate future expansion
» Capacity to process high number of identification requests
» Short processing time => High computational power
» Support for large databases (tens or hundreds millions of records)
» General system robustness => Tolerant to hardware failures
» Support major biometrical standards
» Able to match flat (plain) fingerprints with rolled fingerprints
» Able to work in a complex network environment
Able to edit & submit latent fingerprints for identification




Nigeria Police AFIS Project 2008
Courtesy, Agile Technologies Limited
2008 Technical Consultants to Sheiks and Bishops Limited, Managing Partners to the Nigeria Police AFIS Project.


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