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Providing Leased E-mail Servers to Corporate Organizations



At Agile, we employ state-of-the-art technology to design and implement Internet Mail service for corporate clients who wish to send and receive e-mails in the name of their corporations, e.g. (or .net, .org, .info, .biz, etc.).

This service is meant for clients who do not desire or can not afford to own their own physical servers in the Internet, but want their organizations identified with their e-mails. Essentially, we provide and maintain servers for such organizations on an annual subscription basis, which is very affordable and can be cancelled or renewed at the end of each contract year.

The Mail Servers are hosted in our California based Server Facility, and patterned after our commercial Mail Server in Nigeria and for Nigerians, MAILNIGERIA.COM.

Our basic server package comes with 250MB space and 1GB monthly traffic with provisions to upgrade when desired. We support CGI/SSI/PHP scripting, SQL/MySQL database, Graphical Web Statistics and many other web features as detailed below. We offer the same day setup and yearly after sales support to create and manage your e-mail boxes. We also assist our clients to effectively upload their web files.


Our hosting platform offers unique benefits to our Nigeria clients:

» Complete ownership of your site, which will permit you to access the Server using our acclaimed VIRTUAL HOSTING TECHNOLOGY to update site information. You need not inform us and there is no limit to the number of times you can access your site.

» The technology to create and service e-mail accounts in your domain addressed via your domain;

» The technology to bridge your web domain e-mails with your local e-mail exchange, sharing the same e-mail addressing (Optional).

» In addition to the standard secure and automatic e-mail downloads, we offer a web front technology (Web Mail) to manage your e-mails online from anywhere in the world, much like yahoo or hotmail, but in a more private and secure (encrypted) environment.


» Design of a web front, complete with animations, logo, custom illustrations, digital photography, scanned images, advertisement frames, database menus, etc.

» Publishing & uploading of your web front page.

» Unlimited E-mail hosting in your website;

» 1-5 Years domain name registration.

» Training of your mail managers (Webmasters).

» Web site ready and free hosting of a standard web site, up to 20 pages.


» Number of E-mail Boxes Available: UNLIMITED.
» Complete Mail Server identity.
» Unlimited and unrestricted site hits.
» Virtual hosting technology; fast, reliable, 24x7 accessibility from anywhere in the world.
» A free administrative E-mail account,
» Unlimited E-mail accounts at a token monthly fee per account.
» E-mail addressed to
» Round-the-clock technical support.
» Mail Server hosted at our California Server Facility.
Free hosting of a standard website upon availability, up to 20 pages.
» Technology to bridge your web based e-mails with your Local Network Mail Exchange (Optional).


» 250MB of Disk Space - More available at token fees.
» 1 GB of Monthly Traffic - More available at token fees.
» POP3 Email Accounts (Webmail Included)
» Unlimited Mailbox Aliases
» Unlimited Email Forwarding
» Unlimited FTP Accounts
» Unlimited Hits
» URL Password Protection
» Autoresponder
» Custom Error Page
» Separate Webspace for FTP Users
» Multiple T3/OC-3/OC-12
» 24x7 Monitoring
» Free Domain Name Transfer
» Secure (SSL) Server Setup
» URL ready - with & w/o 'www'
» Your own cgi-bin Directory
» Unlimited FTP Access
» Same Day Setup
» UPS Power
» Backup Power Generator
» Daily Data Back-ups
» Unlimited 24x7 Technical Support
» E-mail Catcher®
» Frontpage 2002 Extensions
» Graphical Web Statistics (optional)
» CGI/SSI Scripting (Perl, Python, Tcl)
» PHP4 Scripting
» MySQL Database Support (optional)
» SSL (optional)
» Crontab Support (optional)


Serving Nigeria and West Africa!

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