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AGILETM Multimedia Computer Systems are custom brands designed to the requirements of specific clients or applications.

We build and market domestic High-End, Low-Cost Desktop and Laptop Computers.

We continually seek strategic global partnerships in America, Europe and Asia, with intent to deliver cutting edge computer hardware and software technology to Nigeria and the West African sub-region.

Our long term goal is to manufacture integrated motherboards and other computer components in Nigeria in order to maintain market dominance and provide value-added low cost outlets.


Generic component Specifications

Disk Anti-Shock Protection (DASP) System

Li+ battery with CD-ROM Module

Built-in FIR for Presentation Remote Control


High Capacity Hard Disk Drives (HDD)

Optional External USB 3.5’’ 1.44 MB Floppy Disk Drive (FDD)

Windows OS

Mobile PC2001 Compliant

TFT XGA Color LCD, 1600 x 1200 CRT, 16M Colors Dual View Support

Minimum 512 MB RAM

AC-97’ Audio system with dual speakers

Built-in High Speed Data/Fax Modem

On-Board 10/100BaseT LAN Module Option

Built-in Wireless Module for Short-Range Communication, 2.4GHz ISM Band

Built-in Mini PCI 802.11b or Higher wireless LAN

Built-in Finger Print for Security & E-Commerce / Kensington Lock

Type II PCMCIA Slots

Multiple USB Ports


Serving Nigeria and West Africa!

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